Only show news from followed sites in webpart

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We have a group intranet with five subsidiaries - each gets their own SharePoint communication page.

Our employees sometimes want to get the news posted in those five pages and sometimes they are only interested in a subset of those. 

For this reason I told them that they should just follow (star icon in the right top corner) the pages that they are interested in.

I have 6 SharePoint pages now:


- One global page for the group intranet (Hub site)

- Five SharePoint pages with a news stream for each subsidiary site (part of this hub)


On the global site I configured the news web part in the way to show news that are "recommended for the current user".

In this way I was hoping to show only the news of the followed subsidiary pages to my employees. However, this does not work and many people also see news that they do not want to see.


When I did some reasearch I found the this article about "Recommended for current user":

... if you are choosing this option, the news posts will be chosen from the list of people you are working with, managers in your network of users, visited sites, followed sites, and more.


But this is not what we want to do. We want only to show the followed sites news.

Anyone has a proposal how to archive that?

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Recommended for current user is the closest you can get to using followed sites. It more or less makes sure you get that news on those sites when using that web part. If you use the default SharePoint landing page it has similar approach to followed sites etc. Outside of using a graph api and building a custom spfx web part I don't know of a way to get around to just getting followed sites.