Sharepoint task list issue

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Hi Folks, I have a task list approval workflow which is attached with a document library, a day ago it was working fine, now it has stopped creating tasks and doesn't send emails for task creation, it shows as "In Progress" state and keeps showing this only and no tasks are created. It's a Sharepoint 2010 workflow which I created in Sharepoint Designer 2013. please provide your thoughts around this issue..

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Hi @Danny1925,


There are not any advisory outages at the moment for this. Probably best bet is to log a ticket with Microsoft in the Microsoft 365 Admin centre.


You may know already but 2010 workflows will stop working completely from 1st November 2020. Whether something has made it to production that removes some functionality in the meantime I wouldn't know. 


Other solution like everything in SharePoint is give it time, it may rectify itself.