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I've set up a number of groups (eg. Administration, HR, Finance, Senior Management Team, Teachers, etc) on the site to control the permission level site-wide and for particular document libraries. In terms of site wide permissions, most groups have restricted view permission level. It's within a particular document libraries that they are given 'Read' or 'Contribute' or none permissions depending on the department. The problem is, what I think happens in the recycle bin is, that a user who belongs to, for example, 'Administration' and 'Management' groups will be able to see the files deleted from all the places that users from both groups can access regardless who created/deleted them.

Is it not possible to change the behaviour so that each user (apart from the owners of the site) can only see (in the recycle bin) the files that they've deleted?

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Its not possible I am afraid. The default now is that a user sees all files in the site collection that they had access to at point of deletion, regardless of who created, modified or deleted the content. 

@Andrew Hodges 

OK. Thanks for your reply. Is it possible though to hide the Recycle bin or the whole Site Contents link for users (apart from site owners)?

No its not possible to do that. I have been asked about that before too.
Hmm. Isn't it a major privacy issue? How do other organisations solve it?
I don't think its a privacy issue, the files that the user can see in the recycle bin are just the files they could see that were not in the recycle bin. No one has solved it, its just the way SharePoint works.