SharePoint IDs in a list missing - entries?

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I have a SharePoint list for Purchase Requisitions and use the ID field to identify the entries. When reviewing the list we have noticed a gap in the IDs - specifically we have one entry that was given the ID 694, but the next entry ID is 701. 

We have checked the different views to see if they have shown up and have checked the Recycle Bin to see if anyone deleted the entries but can't find the missing items. Do you know why SharePoint would skip those entries? And if not, is there any way to find out what happened to them? Thanks






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Have you checked second stage recycling bin?

It hasn't skipped them, so someone deleted them for sure.
Yep, second stage recycling was checked. The ability to delete is not possible - all users are in a specific Permission group with Delete function removed (I should have mentioned that in the original post). I reindexed the list and also checked the Power Automate flows for that list; a flow runs each time an entry is created. There have been no failed flows and the run history for the flows shows the same gap. If SharePoint "hiccupped" and skipped over the ID numbers, I have no problem with that. I just want to make sure I haven't lost entries.
the list hasn't hiccuped, it's basicly a table so it needs to follow it sequensially. What if you try to enter the list item via /DispForm.aspx?ID=695, Do you get an error?

When was these items created?
Search for the item turns up nothing; there was no error. Items were created a few days ago.
I think I found the issue. The user was using Google Chrome which was causing sync issues. Has anyone ran into this?