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Earlier this week, I set up a modern page with the Highlighted Content web part with the card layout. Worked perfectly.  Went back to the page last night and nothing was displayed.  When I change the layout to list or the new carousel layout the expected files display just fine.  I created a new team and tried on the site there with the same result.


Is this a known issue?  

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I have also experienced this issue; once I selected List again, selecting Cards once more doesn't change away from the List view.

I always get the answer : no results to show here... eventhough my query is correct (even with empty query I get this phrase...)

I have the same issue with card and list layout.  My highlighted content Web part is set up to emulate the activity Web part where recent content is the target with "any" used as the content filter scoped to the site.  The activity Web part behaves as expected, but the highlighted content continues to fail no matter the search criteria (e.g. recently added, created by [Me], PowerPoint, title contains, etc.).


I just watched a YouTube post by @Laura Rogers and this Web part seemed to work just fine for her.


How do we find out whether Microsoft is aware of this potential issue?



Thanks for reporting an issue. I'm the PM responsible for Highlighted content.


I'm not aware of an issue with the card view, e.g. switching from card -> list -> card layout causing any issues. If you can get me some screenshots of the property pane + layout showing your configuration, I'd be very interested in it. You can post them here, or if too sensitve, email me.


In all cases of results returning zero, I'm of course assuming documents, pages, events, issues, etc. (e.g. whatever you've set to filter already exists in the site(s) in question).


While we do have a few very specific bugs on managed property filtering, overall I'm unaware of any simple scenarios HC should support, not yet working.


Unfortunately, we don't yet support tokens (e.g. [me], [today], etc.), but that is in our backlog for the future.


Please give me specifics; we'll try to repro, file a bug, and get it fixed.

Hadn't checked back on this issue for about a month now, but I'm not seeing the issue in my environment anymore.

I just noticed that for me it's also blank.

Logged in as me, everything shows well. But when logged in with an other user, the content is actually not showing.


Please see attached the screenshots.


Have you checked if the page was published by a First Release user? I found that publishing the page as a non-First Release user fixes that issue.

I indeed enabled the First Release for the whole organization. 

Is there any way to publish the home page as a non-First Release only ?

My best guess is that First Release is First Release and that's that--you may not be able to make exceptions in certain places. For testing purposes, I would recommend that you test the visibility of highlighted content on a user with editing rights that isn't First Release; I had some experience today where pages wouldn't appear correctly unless published by a user without First Release turned on.

Hi @John Sanders.  Thank you for the response.  Screen shots are included.


I have first release in our tenant and I am the only one adding content to this site as proof-of-concept test site to demonstrate to other users how the highlighted content Web part works.


The HighlightedWebPart image shows my Most Recent highlighted content Web part just above the Activity Web part.  The activity Web part shows the csv that I just uploaded today, but this csv is not listed in the highlighted content Web part.


Can you share the configuration you have in Highlighted content? If that same user (that sees HC as blank) goes to the library containing the things shown in HC, can they see them directly?


HC uses search on the backend (in the future it will also support query), but search is security I'm just trying to make sure the other user is able to see the docs directly. Thanks!

The Web part properties are attached.  I am the only user on this site and I can see the files in the library that I am expecting to appear in the highlighted content Web part.  I searched the site for keywords that are in the title of the recently added documents and the expected results were returned.

HighlightedWebPartProperties - Copy.jpg

@Steven Sanders - I believe the issue you were experiencing was related to private group documents. Highlighted content has been updated to show these documents correctly now.


Can you let me know if you're still seeing any issues?

Hi @John Sanders.  Thank you for the follow up and resolution.  Looks good.  Just in time for a presention to our IT Operating Committee on Monday.

Anne - I just spent the last 4 weeks working with microsoft engineers to resolve this same problem with our tenant, here's the resolution ..  we found that the Highlighted Content web part is dependent on permissions to the root site collection of your tenant. Once we added the “everyone except external users” group back to read only, it resolved the issue.  


Hi, World it ne possible to use a dynamic token like a page field value?

@Karl-Gerd Schneider - We don't yet support tokens in Highlighted content. This is however in our backlog.


Based on earlier analysis it looks like the most common tokens are related to the user, e.g. [me], or the date e.g. [today] or some offset of date.


Are there other specific tokens you're interested in (you mentioned a page field value), such as?




@John Kennedy  hi, could you please give me a hint on how to add  "everyone except external users" back to read-only?