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Hi, has anybody noticed the new change to SharePoint Online today with the Manage Access option on libraries and folders? 


Before you could scroll right down to the end of this screen and click on Advanced Permissions and make unique permissions on a folder or a file, this has now been removed. 



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Yes. It has been applied Globally by Microsoft in all the tenant (At least I am seeing in my all tenants located in different region).


See related article - 

Now you can go to advanced settings only using Manage Access menu which is visible into ECB and Information Panel as shown in below screen shots:




Click on three dots to navigate into Advanced Settings page.


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I was surprised by this change on Monday as well. When you click on the three dots next to the "X" you should get the option to go to the "Advanced permissions".



@laceyk SharePoint Online's Manage Access no longer allows direct access to Advanced Permissions.

Hi Jose, it does under the 3 dots --> Advanced Settings as per above screenshot
Thank you, I now have those 3 dots. Every time I check it is reverting back to the old way then the new way. MS must be applying the changes
It only happens in some of the users in our tenant. Sometimes it reverts to old look and feel.



Every time someone at MS goes to the bathroom it cames with a different idea...


Direct access was very easy to where is it?


I don't like to share links within my team...i simply grant full access to the folders they need 



@Telmo_Palma the frustrating this is there is no communication. So what you told a user yesterday, has changed today. 


You still can give direct access by clicking on the 3 dots and advanced settings. They haven't taken away that option, just hidden it better.