Deleting folders with files inside

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Hi all,


We have a SP site with a document library that we use to share large files with external clients.


We are unable to delete folders without deleting folders/files inside first. This is a long a laborious task and the Partners of the firm have asked if there's any other way we can do this.


I would like users to do this themselves rather than the onus being on the IT Dept!


Does anyone have any clever scripts or ideas on how I can achieve this?


Many thanks! :)

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You can bypass that security feature by deleting the files directly in the synchronized library
Sorry Demipoulpe - I'm not with you? Where is the 'synchronized library' please?
He means to synchronize the document library in a site with the OneDrive for Business client and delete the folders in Windows Explorer
OK. I think I understand? Download the OneDrive app and try and delete from there?