SharePoint Online - Can't use "Move to" command (must delete files within folder before you delete)


Hi There, 


I have been working with a group who has a lot of content. They are using Teams but storing their content in 2 document libraries; the one attached to Teams the another called 'Storage'.


The departments workflow is 'active' files are stored in Teams, then when they are done, they move a file/folder to to the 'Storage' library. 


The problem is when users try to move a folder with documents inside they get an error similar to the screenshot attached but basically it says ...


You have to delete all the items in the folder before you can delete the folder


So after we do some digging we find out that there is a retention policy for Office 365 groups (7 Years) that is stopping the move function. 


My question is the "move to" functionality is needed by users, how can we get it working?



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@Mike Dumka 


The retention labels need to be removed on the folder before you can use the move function. The move function copies the content then deletes the old content placing it in the recycle bin. Due to the retention labels not allowing this you do need to remove the retention labels.


If you are lucky this could simple be removing it at the folder level and it cascades to the folders and files below, if the labels have been manually applied at the file or sub folder level then you would need to write some sort of script to remove the labels before the move. 

@Andrew Hodges Sorry to sound silly ... but were would I access the retention label? Like where would a normal user see it and remove it?