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We are working on creating an intranet using SharePoint Online. Is it possible to have a specific Site Collection pinned or set as a default or favorite in the SharePoint Mobile app?


We would like to set this for all associates and not rely on them following the site for it to appear in the mobile app.


Anyone aware of a way to make this work?  


How do you handle this in your organizations? 



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@Duane AllemanThe version of the mobile App I have shows the Frequent sites, because we have set the Intranet as the default homepage in Edge and Chrome our Intranet shows in first position without needing the users to follow the site.


Looks like there isnt a way to set the Intranet as the site that launches when you open the mobile app.

@Andrew Hodges - Thanks, Andrew.  I also submitted this under Premier support and got this response: 


"By going to SharePoint Online through and add the desired site on the "Featured Links" section. Once this site URL is added, you can assign it a Display name for the site, and this will show up on the home page of the SharePoint Mobile app. Unfortunately the other filters are automated filters that cannot be changed since they are by design, such as Frequent sites, People, etc."


I have tested this and it seems to work.  We have not yet set the default homepage, but that makes sense if it is the default for the browser that it would appear at the top of the frequent sites.  


Thanks for sharing!