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I have a SharePoint list with a column, " multiple line of text" where we want to save the approval history, like this. The entries should appear one after other:



But instead of this it appear with "View entries", and only when we open the item we can see all the entries. Is there any possibility to modify and appear all the entries instead of "View entries" directly in the list?


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@LNeaga no, sorry but that's not possible.


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@LNeaga I have seen done what you are asking, but it was done by a PowerApps developer who had to write a script and, if I remember correctly, a workflow with Power Automate to write out the tracking history of what happened to the item. Additionally, I am not sure it would list in a nicely formatted way. I believe it would only give you a text string. We did it for auditing purposes. It would not have made nice viewing for anyone else.