List view threshold and filters

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I have a SharePoint list with 150k+ records which will continue to grow, the list worked fine before, I had it set to filter the created column in descending order (Newest first). One day this just stopped working and I had to introduce a new view which shows the past 90 days worth of entries.




this new view only always me to filter back a about 12 days or so, it seems to be only allowing to filter for those 5000 records. 



The issue I have is before this new filter I could filter right back until the date I created the list, ie I occasionally need to filter records for only a specific month. This worked before but doesn't anymore, does anyone know how to get this to work? I don't a 5k view limit but I need to be able to filter any dates. (It worked back when I was well into the 100k record mark so it isn't because I'm over the 5k threshold)

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Update: This is only not working for me, it works as normal for the members of my team.