SharePoint List - Item View permissions

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We have an SPO site, with a custom List.

In this list there are several entries made by a DP in our org.

This site will be shared with several external parties.


Can we somehow edit the permissions, basis the ext. user login, or somehow identified, for the List to be sorted and viewable?


Long story short, SP list with 100 entries, 100 external users, 1 entry viewable 99 hidden per user.


Is it doable?


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Hi, yes it is doable by using item-level permission. You have to break the inheritance of the item permission, remove all the users, and add only those who need to control and read the items. So, the other won't be able to see the items (both internal or external) except the users you have given permission.



If the items are being added to often then you could use Power Automate to automatically assign permissions on item creation based on a "External User" column.  Done this before and it works well.