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Hi There, every week I try to refresh document folders.  The process is to go on our network drive and drag and drop filder sinto sharepoin library.  I like it in SharePoint as it provides better search functions.  How do I properly copy and past folders overtop in such a way that it ignores existing files and bring in only new files.  Currently when I drag and drop a folder it doesnt ask me to replace I only et this option.  Unfortunately the source is not One Drive. 




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Hello @FlowTime1990 


you can try to copy only the files, not the whole folder, i think then appears the message that you miss.


Other way is to use SharePoint Migration Tool (SPMT) :


Or other migraton and datamanagement tools.


But...why you copy it manual? Why you don't store this files only in SharePoint, without redundant storage?


Best, Dave

I cannot select the files and copy over as their folder structure has so many sub folders that it would be difficult to capture all. I was thinking grab the root folder and it would just add new and ignore existing files with same name same file.

Why we dont store it on SharePoint? I just started in this organization and they have their own process. I am migrating to my SharePoint site so that I can use SharePoints advanced searching features. It is much better than the folder structure. I can quickly get what I need instead of fumbling through folders and subfolders looking for a file with specific text. Will the sharepoint migration tool work so that I can bring in just the root folder and it will do w hat I described in my initial paragraph?