SharePoint 2016 User Profile Service: can't change Type in new Synchronization Connection

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I am trying to configure the SharePoint User Profile Service to synchronize with Novell eDirectory.  I have successfully setup, configured and started the User Profile Service Application.


When I attempt to create a new Synchronization Connection (Configure Synchronization Connections --> Create New Connection), I expect to be able to choose from several supported directory connection types in the "Type" dropdown.


Instead, I see ONLY Active Directory Import:



SharePoint 2010, 2013 and 2016 all supposedly support User Profile Synchronization with Novell eDirectory, amongst others.  The TechNet documention indicates that I should be able to select "Novell eDirectory" here, but the only option available is Active Directory Import.


Anything I'm missing?  I have been able to recreate this issue in two separate vanilla installations of SharePoint 2016, as well as in SharePoint 2013, so I am guessing a configuration is missing somewhere that allows additional directory types.

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Have you managed to resolve this issue? I experienced the same problem today when I was trying to set up new sync connection type as Business Data Connectivity.

To use anything but AD Import in SharePoint 2016, you must implement Microsoft Identity Manager instead.

Hm, so how to map users from BCS to UPS in order to give user unified experience in SharePoint?

With MIM, you can set up a Management Agent. You will set up ones for SharePoint, Active Directory, and your SQL data source. Spencer Harbar has a demo from Ignite (both 2016 and 2017) -

@Trevor Seward 

Spencer Harbar video is not available. please share any other article/video for reference.