List with custom permissions and easy updating

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First of all. Thank you in advance to anyone reading this.


  • I have a list of store locations with specific details for each.
  • Each store is tagged by country. 
  • I would like for specific users to view, add, edit, delete store locations specific to their assigned country.
  • I would like certain users to have full access.
  • Some users will not be allowed access to sharepoint because of security restrictions. 
  • It should be easy as some people are not very techy. 

Thank you again. 


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Hello @dexterracho 


i think you need to use Power Apps with your requriement:


1. you can show and hide the fields based on roles
2. selection based on affiliation
3. create a flow for the permissions based on form properties


Best, Dave

@David Mehr 


Thank you. Follow up question please. I have users that are outside the organization and my not have MS licenses. Can I share the power app to other users without PowerApps license?

Hello @dexterracho 


guest user's can be given access to Power Apps. But they will need an appropriate Power Apps license either in their own tenant or your tenant.

Share a canvas app with guest users - Power Apps | Microsoft Docs


Best, Dave

thank you very much.