Settings menu shows getting started twice

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Hello - 
I am wondering if anyone can explain why I have Getting Started twice in my Sharepoint Settings.
Attached are screenshots that explain.Sharepoint Getting StartedSharepoint Getting Started

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Hello @the_catfix 


is it a new site? Or have you migrated this site from anywhere else?


Have you the same experience, when you create a new SharePoint Modern Teamsite?


Best, Dave

This is the main page for SharePoint. It features all of the sites that I frequently visit in Favorite. I don’t know what this opening page is called, but it has a globe icon.
This is not a new site. I recently by the 360 Dynamics sales professional license. However, I doubt that would affect my SharePoint environment.

Hello @the_catfix 


ok. When you wanna use fully SharePoint experience, create a new communication site and set this as home site, after that you can use viva connections in Teams. You can find more about it here:


Regards, Dave

Thank you!!!! How did you know that?

I know how to setup Communications sites and Teams sites but I have been looking for this answer for some time with another site i setup.
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@the_catfix Here are few links to articles related to settings home site in SharePoint online if it helps:

  1. Set up a home site in SharePoint Online 
  2. Set up a SharePoint home site from the SharePoint admin center 

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I haven't migrated a site.
Honestly I am giving up on Sharepoint. I can't dedicate the amount of time it takes to figure out what is legacy and what is new. The framework is not ready for production and has been a waste of my time.