Sharepoint library - Lookup stopped working just on one column

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I have a library with lookup columns pointing to specific lists (providers, companies, products etc.).


In particular, I have two columns, "Company" and "Invoicee" pointing to the same list "companies".


Everything worked perfectly for months, but suddenly since yesterday the lookup for the "Invoicee" columns stopped working. When I start typing, it seems that it starts looking for a match but it keeps looping forever.


The other column "Company" that points to the same lookup list does not present the same problem and is still working properly.


I thought it could be a temporary issue but today the problem is still there.


Any idea on how to fix this?


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Hi @Bighouse 

When encountering an issue where a lookup column in a SharePoint library has suddenly stopped working for a specific column while others are functioning properly, there are a few steps you can take to troubleshoot and potentially resolve the problem.

  1. Verify the "companies" list: Ensure that the list is accessible, contains the required data, and hasn't been modified or deleted.

  2. Check column settings: Review the settings for both the "Company" and "Invoicee" columns, ensuring they are correctly configured with the appropriate lookup list and column selected. Verify any required settings are properly set.

  3. Clear cache: Clear your browser and SharePoint cache or try accessing the library from a different browser or device to eliminate any temporary issues.

  4. Test other lookup columns: Create a test lookup column and check if it exhibits the same issue. If it does, it might indicate a problem with the "companies" list or SharePoint configuration.

  5. Server-side issue: If the problem persists across different browsers and devices, contact your SharePoint administrator or IT department to investigate recent updates or changes that might have affected lookup functionality.

  6. Recreate the column: As a last resort, delete the problematic "Invoicee" column and recreate it from scratch. Proceed with caution to avoid data loss or disruption of workflows tied to the column.

  7. Microsoft Support: If none of the above steps resolve the issue, seek assistance from Microsoft Support or consult the SharePoint community forums for specialized guidance.

Remember to document your troubleshooting steps for reference when seeking further assistance or escalating the problem.

Thanks for your message.

As to the steps suggested:

1. The list is accessible
2. Both columns are set in the same way, pointing to the list "Companies" and set as required fields.
3. The issue occurs with different browsers and also with different devices, so not a browser cache problem. What do you mean with "clear Sharepoint cache"?
4. All other lookup columns are working properly.
5. We use Sharepoint 365 Online, so I guess that all updates are made by Microsoft directly?
6. We have about 3,000 records in that library, so recreating that column and updating it manually for 3,000 records would be a problem.

Before proceeding to point 7, could you please advise on point 3 and 5?

Many thanks.