Save PDF within SharePoint

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Our team would like to edit a PDF, add notes, and save the file without having to download it, make changes, and upload it again.  Is this possible, and if so how?

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@twolfe The easiest way is to create network locations which allow you to open from/save to any SP location directly via file explorer (on a pc). Click this pc > add a nw location and follow the prompts. 

@matt howell , OK, thank you.  I tested it and it works.  Our customer has numerous sites and document libraries, so I'm not sure they want to set up numerous Network Drives.  You mentioned it was the easiest.  Are there other options?

@twolfe Just to be clear, network DRIVES are different and involve mapping a drive letter to a url. Network locations are shortcuts to say a site that you can then navigate around using file explorer. If you have a lot of site collections then you would need to set up a location for each one but it's so quick and easy, I don't see that as a major issue.

The other options are:

mapping network drives to a site

using the OneDrive sync client which duplicates files on a local drive so they can be accessed via file explorer. This seems like a good idea but in reality even Msft acknowledges the sync client is buggy and can lead to versioning problems from having 2 copies of the same file. 

@matt howell , OK, thank you.  I was mapping a network location.  I was able to map a network drive, and I will let them know how to do it, and they can decide if this would be easier for them then downloading the PDF, making updates, and then uploading the files.