save PDF format in SharePoint

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I'm saving a PDF generated by automate in a SharePoint folder, however, SharePoint has a standard for saving the PDF like this ( .pdf_ ). This standard form is getting in the way when viewing, as it doesn't save as a .pdf and ends up not being recognized because of the "_".

Is there any way to change this?

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Is there any reason you are saving files with names like .pdf_? Can you try saving files names without "_" in it?

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I don't want to use ".pdf_" at the end of the files, but SharePoint adds it by default, no matter if the flow is to save ".pdf", it always puts the "_" at the end. which makes it difficult to view the PDF file, which is necessary for my users to have a direct view of the PDF.



Yes also happening to me @erika271201 after converting a file to pdf _ being added to start of the file and end the extension so it cannot be opened very strange