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When users select the SharePoint App I want them to land on the root site and not the SharePoint start page - How can i do this? 

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Hello @swhistance 


you need to set a site as SharePoint home site. Here are more information about the SharePoint home site with example:


And here, how you set it up:


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HI David, Thank-you for the response. I have already set the primary site as the SharePoint home site. The issue I have is when users select SharePoint from the Office Portal it takes them to a personalised SharePoint start page and not the Home page. Is there a way to change this?

Hello @swhistance 


ah ok, no, it's not possible to overwrite the default SharePoint App in the AppLauncher with OOTB possibilities.


Best, Dave

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You can do it with CSS and inject it to every site using SPFX extension. Or if it's just one site using React Script editor Webpart


My recommendation is to company Logo there and set the URL to the Intranet, and teach the users to use that 

Already using the company logo for redirect to external site, but I'll look at adding something else with the webpart - thank-you!