Simple Calendar List Agnostic of Time Zones

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I am trying to create a very simple calendar within Microsoft Teams to visualize key dates over the course of the year. These aren't appointments or Teams meetings that I want to be added to each member's calendar, instead just a list of events that we would like to occasionally reference.


To encourage use of this, I want to keep it very simple and request that people simply add the Title of the meeting/event and the date. In theory it should work quite well.


Unfortunately, Microsoft seems to be taking my Time Zone into account. While the team was created in Eastern Time, I sit in Central time, so if I enter an event for November 11th, it shows the event starting at November 10th at 11PM. This is unnecessary. So, it seems it is capturing it correctly, but then adjusting for my local time zone (something that I could care less about).


Is there a way that I can create a SharePoint list and display in Calendar view without trying to translate to my local time zone? This would be very helpful. Thank you.

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Would the events feature of sharepoint solve your problem?
Thanks for thinking out of the box, @kaaven. That's a great idea and although it may be helpful if we had a handful of events, we'd like to use a native SharePoint list vs. a webpart for this use case.