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I'm sure I did this a while back, maybe through Audiences - but I am trying to restrict some content on a page from a group of user - how do I do this please?

Also I was sure, if a user does not have access to a link I have created on a page, they would not see the link, but it appears they can see the link, and upon clicking they get the usual sorry you don't have access.  I recall the link would not be visible... have things changed?


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Hello @Lefty2270


you can use target audience on a couple of SharePoint web parts, with this, you can show content for defined groups of users. Here are the suport article with a list of webpart, on there you can enable target audience:


You can not restrict areas like sections on a page.


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Are you trying to show/hide links in SharePoint Quick links web part based on user groups?


If yes, it is possible with the audience targeting capability of SharePoint quick links web part. Check more details at: Audience Targeting for Quick Links Web Part in SharePoint Online 


Note: Currently you can only use AD groups or Microsoft 365 groups to target audiences.


If you want audience targeting for other web parts or site navigation links, check documentation link given by @David Mehr in above responses.

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