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I'm in the process of setting up a SharePoint solution that I'm aiming to vary the look and content within, depending on what group that users are placed in. 


The Sharepoint site will be accessed from a common URL, which takes users to a welcome page and then from there on the left hand panel when users click on "Home" it will take them through to 1 of 8 site pages I've created. These site pages are for 8 different departments, who will only need to view the data that is relevant to them.  


The solution hosts 2x MS Lists (linked to MS Forms and synced through PowerAutomate), which is collecting compliance data from external suppliers. There's a requirement for the 2x MS Lists to appear differently for each of the 8 departments (essentially 7 of the departments only need to see certain fields and one department needs to see the whole data set).


I thought using Views would be the best way to do this, as I initially thought with the Views having unique URLs you'd be able to restrict access to them. It appears this is not possible and you can only share at the "master" List level. 


What I'm looking to do is to restrict who has access to each of these Views and wondering if it's possible  either through direct functionality or a workaround; OR if the best option to do this would be to set up separate Lists and have the data from the Forms send both to the master sheet and then the individual Lists?

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Restricting access to views does not mean that you restrict access to the underlying data so in this case i guess the best option would be to set up separate Lists and have the data from the Forms send both to the master sheet and then the individual Lists.

However, it feels like such a solution entails some future maintenance.

You may want to have one Communication Site per department (and a list of each of them) and then generate content up to a Hubsite? Then you can control the access rights on each department site so that only those who are allowed to view content from all sites see "the full picture" on the Hubsite while for example a member of department 1 only sees the aggregated content from his/her site when he/she is on the hub.

This solution also entails some future maintenance but i think it makes it easier to manage who should have access to what.

Regards, Magnus

Hi Magnus

Thank you for confirming this. That's much appreciated.