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I have a Sharepoint Online column that is using the currency format.  I've noticed that the column name now has an additional icon that we would like to be removed.  The column name does not have that icon on.  Only the "$" symbol is in the name.  Is this something i can remove?  Im not finding any instances where this has been done.




Thank you for your assistance ahead of time.

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@Mellissa Perez Hi, this icon is used to identify the type of column the data is going into. It won't affect the actual column name.


In your case, it's signifying that the data is a 'Currency' type. 


If you do want to remove it, I think the only way is to create a custom PowerApp to replace the default form and JSON option: Customize a Microsoft Lists or SharePoint form by using Power Apps (contains video) - Power Apps | M...


Another option could be to change the column to a 'Number' type which will change the icon.




@HelloBenTeoh thank you for the response.  Yes i knew that it was identifying the column type.  Even if the column is changed to Number, it'll still show an icon that the client does not want.  


I'll have to see if they will want the customized form.


Thanks again and have a wonderful afternoon.