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How can I change the time zone that is used in the SharePoint Admin Centre?  I live in New Zealand. All my local settings are for New Zealand. My browser regional and language settings are for New Zealand. My Office profile language and time zone settings are for New Zealand. All my clients are in New Zealand.


I never, ever, need to see anything other than New Zealand time zones. 

I already have applied the setting that set New Zealand as the default time zone for new sites.


But when I create a new site, the time stamp for the creation is showing UTC, not New Zealand time. I want to change THAT time stamp to display as New Zealand time. The sites in the screenshot below, were NOT created on the 5th July at 4:20 PM, they were created on the 6th July at 11:20 AM, and that I what I need to show in the view. -- And, if possible, change the date format from MDY to DMY, too.


How can I do that?



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It is rather unclear if you have tried this but have you tried going to settings from the Sharepoint admin center, going to Sharepoint site creation, and changing the default time zone there? If you have older classic sites, you might have change that manually.

As I said quite clearly in my question, I have set the default time zone for new sites to New Zealand. But that only applies to new sites, not to the Admin Centre. It's the Admin Centre time zone display that I want to adjust, not the SharePoint sites.

@Ingeborg Hawighorst 


I'm just taking an educated guess here, and as I'm not on my tenancy I can't check for certain, so forgive me if you've already tried.  I'd think two things: -

  • Can you access site settings on the SharePoint product homepage?  I recall some site settings being hidden in there some time ago
  • For option two, are you able to see what date format Forms has?  This may seem a tad odd, but it pointed to a higher setting in the tenancy for a similar issue, which for me was the billing information and information provided when the tenancy was created?  I think (can't be sure though) that changing the tenancy locale percolates down to the other 365 products including SharePoint Online.

When I'm back in the office, I'll have a more rigorous look for you if the issue isn't resolved by then.




FYI: SharePoint does not always use the local time zone. For example, the "Sent on" in the OOTB email preview is also in UTC. This can be quite confusing for your users in NZST.
(I am afraid I do not have a solution for your problem with the date created for sites)

@Ingeborg Hawighorst By appending /_layouts/15/regionalsetng.aspx to the end of the FQDN of your SPO tenant admin URL (i.e. so that it appears akin to you can access a classic settings page that allows you to change the timezone of the SP Admin Centre

@Kevin Belanger This is the answer to this question. Has been bugging me forever about our tenant using PST in the SP Admin centre. Followed your instructions and everything now in BST as required

Happy it helped
Just what I've been trying to find. This has been bugging me for quite a while. Thank you Kevin!