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How do you find the library/folder in which an image on a page, Image web part or Hero web part is, please? Microsoft, could you please display this? 

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Hello @CaroleSL 


you can use the Microsoft Edge Dev Tools. After start the Tools you can click on a picture and view the full path of an image.



I can find all the images in the default library /SiteAssets/


Best, Dave

@CaroleSL Locating the SharePoint document library storing images used on pages is a common challenge for site owners. The current SharePoint interfaces lack transparency into the backend image sources, creating frustration for those managing site content.


As a SharePoint user, I can suggest best available workarounds. First, check the image web part settings. Edit the web part properties and look for the full URL path listed which indicates the exact document library and folder location of that image. You can also inspect the page source code to find img src attributes pointing to the library location. However, this requires a level of technical know-how.

In case those options come up empty, navigate to the site Contents page and leverage Search. Enter the image file name and scan Results to identify its upload location as a last resort. The ask for Microsoft is simple - please display the originating document library and folder for images right on the page. Making this source transparency a priority across web parts, publishing sites, and other interfaces would fill a massive unmet need for SharePoint users. It would streamline the content management workload, removing the current guesswork when modifying, replacing or deleting images.


Driving this request through your organization's technical channels urges Microsoft to address the need for visible image sources in SharePoint. The more users requesting this change, the better chance of it becoming a reality. In the meantime, the workarounds provided can shed light on where those mystery images live behind the scenes. But addressing the core issue through feedback remains key for genuine improvement.