Modern Search Results Breadcrumbs show Forms folder as location for all image files

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Noticed something strange in SharePoint Online recently. When searching a Site or Organization, any/all image files in Search Results have an incorrect breadcrumb path that ends in a library's hidden Forms folder.

This happens in multiple tenants, multiple sites, for multiple users.  To reproduce the problem:


1. Go to a SharePoint Online site. I've tested with Modern Team and Communication sites.

2. Use the Search bar at top middle of page. Search for a term or file extension that brings back jpg or png files in the results.

3. Inspect the search results page. Non-image file types correctly display their true Site > Library > Folder path, which links to that location. Image file types incorrectly display a path to their Site > Library > Forms which links to the library's Forms folder.


Anyone else seeing this behavior?

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Hi @Matt Baker,


I'm experiencing the same behavior in my tenant as well. The breadcrumb is incorrect (Forms). The link to the file is correct.


Did you open a support request?


I hope this helps.



@Norman Young 

Thanks for your reply Norman. I did open a request, and the support team found the same behavior so said it was working as designed.  (?!)  They suggested I create a User Voice request to change the behavior so that is in progress