Open a New form in edit mode


Is there a way to put a link on a button that will open a form so it is in Edit Mode. 


Right now, I have to go to the list, then select "New" and wait for the form to open.  I'd love to go right into the form.  

I have a customized SharePoint form; not a Canvas App.  

Thank you. 

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@Cindy Zalme 

Hi, I'm toiling with the same ambition, surely there is a way to achieve this. I'm also having issues when opening list via teams, the customize form worked initially but for some reason stopped and I don't even get the edit or save option. Any guidance would be very much appreciated.




@Cindy Zalme yes you can do this by addin g a button on, for example, the home page and making sure the link is to /yoursite/Lists/yourlist/newform.aspx. So the full link would look like this:




Clicking the button takes you straight in to the new item form in the list. 




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