Move data out of SharePoint online to azure


Guys I'm looking to move data from SharePoint online to Azure File Share. What's the best way to do it? I have seen some tools that move data from file shares to SharePoint online but not the other way around. Any suggestions?

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I'm not too familiar with Azure File Share admittedly, but you can now do Cloud Content migrations from the SharePoint Admin Center using Mover.  This will allow you to select Azure Blob storage as the destination for the migrated content as below;


Screenshot 2020-05-19 at 07.05.02.png


Is that of any use, or is that completely different to Azure File Share?

@PeterRising thanks for your quick reply. I'll check ;)

@joadchob Were you able to move the dat from SPO to Azure files? I'm need to do the same for a customer.



curious why you are moving to azure files.  I was looking at migrating our onprem files server to azure files and opted to tryout SharePoint online libraries instead. users still get the file explorer experience and we dont have to pay for more storage.  The tests seemed to go ok as far as performance and functionality. i am hoping im not missing something and will be asking this same question you are now in a year.


Not all the users use M365. Customer has already some onprem file servers and an easy transition was to use file sync to move those files. 

@joadchob Did you ever find a viable solution. I'm looking to move data from Sharepoint to azure blob for archiving on cool tier. I found a file size limit trying to use mover. Files I'm looking to move are 4gbs per and roughly 2 tbs. 

@user1618 I know it is late but I would not recommend that. See below which I got it from another thread. 

SharePoint storage is a premium storage and charges more in term of money.


Sharepoint storage has limits. So in Office 365 your licenses get you 1Tb + 10Gb per licensed user, so in a 100 user environment you get 2Tb (1Tb + 100*10Gb).
After that SharePoint storage is billed per Gb and is still very expensive (as it is treated as hot data with essentially Compute attached) at this time I think it is billed at £0.17 per Gb / Per month.


Azure Cool storage is billed at £0.00783 per GB per month (for the first 50Tb) and there is even now an archive storage level at £0.00135 per GB per month.

This solution really depends on how much storage you are going to use. Lets say you are in the above category and have 100 users, you have approx 600 Gb of Hot / Live data to go into Sharepoint, but 1.5Tb of Archive data. This would put you over the 2Tb limit in Sharepoint Online. So 1. you dont have any spare space for more live data and 2, you would be billed somewhere in the region of £17 per month for the extra 100 Gb, not to mention that would go up over time.




storage limits is one of the main reasons to move SharePoint data to Azure File Shares


I was able with Power Automate to get the files out of SharePoint to Azure Blob. The problem is that the files properties are changed, and we need to be able to keep them. 

I verified with Microsoft and I was told that other than OneDrive Synch there is no other solution. 


@Nancy DEMERS 


Hi, how did you do a OneDrive sync and choose a different destination? I am not able to do that, unless I have some policy set that only allows the default destination. 

nm, got it


edit - scratch that, cannot use a mapped drive. ive attached a data disk to this server (its in Azure) and am using that as a "gateway". Also had trouble using that drive, had to create a folder (DriveLetter):\users\username\onedrive on the drive, then during the sync process choose that location.