Make a Time Line out of a SharePoint list?

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Can I make some sort of a cool timeline from this?  The frequency is Annually, Weekly, Beginning of Month, End of Monthy, Q1, Q2.  I know its a bit messy but maybe?




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Yes, you can:

1- Customize the list view to display the data in a timeline format. You can use the list view formatting feature in SharePoint Online to create a custom view that displays the data as a timeline. You can use HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to create the timeline view.

2- Apply conditional formatting to highlight important events. You can use SharePoint's conditional formatting feature to highlight specific events on the timeline, such as the beginning of each quarter or the end of each month.

3- Add interactivity to the timeline. You can use SharePoint's Power Apps feature to create interactive elements on the timeline, such as buttons that display additional information about each event or links to related documents or pages.

@FlowTime1990 You can use SharePoint JSON formatting to easily create timeline out of your SharePoint list.

Check below JSON formatting samples to get some ideas: 

  1. Timeline in Board View ganeshsanap_0-1680081419014.png
  2. Timeline by @Chris Kent screenshot (2).gif


  3. Twitter Timeline by @April Dunnam ganeshsanap_1-1680081590428.png


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