Make a Multi Line column non editable

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Hello! I have a sharepoint list which has in it a couple of multi line columns that fills with a power automate flow, the thing is that I dont wan't those columns to be editable, I tried the trick of using a calculated column but it doesn't work for multi line columns. As well following these steps:

  1. Create a single-line text column
  2. Create a calculated column that copies the single-line text column contents
  3. Remove the single-line text column
  4. Create a multi-line text column with the exact same name of the original single-line text column
    (the calculated column will still reference this name but don't mofify it or the link will break)
  5. Create a second calculated column and use the content of the first calculated column to do your magic

This works! But only for newly created columns, mine are already created and with data in it.

Is there a way to make this columns non editable?

Thank you all for taking time to read this!

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If you set the multi-line-column to "Rich text" from the classical list settings dialog then the column is no longer editable in data grid view.

(Do not do this directly from the column actions in the modern ui. This sets it to to "Enhanced rich text" and and does not work with that)

Rich text.png

Then you could customize the column in the form and set the conditional formula for your column to just =false


Then the field will not be displayed in forms and cannot be edited in grid view by a limitation in the grid view editor..

But make sure that you flow can still update the field after you switched it to "Rich Text".