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I have a Sharepoint list... I make a second list.... I want to use some of the columns from the first list in the 2nd and I want all the data from those columns to appear in both lists that use the same columns. I see how to make a 2nd list with the columns from the first but it doesn't seem to bring over the information in the columns, just the column header and attributes.

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@mlefler75that is the default behaviour in the modern SharePoint experience and in Microsoft Lists. You can only create the structure of a new list from an existing list, not add the content as well. The content can be added quite easily with a flow in Power Automate although if you have thousands of items in your list it won't always be quick.


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One more question for you. I figured out how to do what you said, thank you. If I modify the data of a column in list 1, can I use work flow to send that data change to the other list? I saw the "change if list is modified"(properties only)... so That doesn't seem to send content changes, is there a way to send content changes?
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