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Is there a way to customize the email templates used on SharePoint online. I'm looking for a way to remove "Get the SharePoint mobile app!" as our organization do not allow mobile features in near future. The following is the screen shot that shows an email when using "Send by Email" feature on modern SharePoint UI page.


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Short answer: you cannot customize e-mails sent by SPO

You can use Send an Email action in workflow, but it cannot send notification emails when items in the list or library are deleted. You can use workflows and use SharePoint designer to customize the email.

As expected :). Thanks Jaun.

Hi @Edwin Arlington, You are right, we can use workflow to customize our email templates. But my question is related to modern pages on SharePoint Online which has the feature to share the page via email. See the screen shot below.

Send an Email.PNG

I have submitted this as an idea in the SharePoint User Voice forum. Please vote if you can.

This is kind of a dodgy workaround, but until MS offers customisation of the email template, you can send the email to yourself, then edit that email. Delete the bottom row of that table, customise it all you like and then forward it on to the relevant people. Works for weekly newsletters or other occasional jobs, but it's not a proper fix by any means.

@Srikanth Komirishetty 
Thank you, but that UserVoice instance is no longer available. UserVoiceNotAvailable.JPG

@M365Specialist The uservoice sites have closed. The new Feedback Portal is at


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