📂 How to color folders in SharePoint and Teams [Colorful Folders]



In this video, you'll learn how to color folders in SharePoint and Teams.

I'll walk you through every step to set a color in a folder and how to do it automatically using Power Automate for instance.

The new SharePoint Rest API endpoints offer the ability to configure the folder's colors programmatically. 

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What are the permissions for changing the colors on a department's SharePoint site? Can anyone with edit change the folder colors? Is there a way to prevent them from changing it? Are the folder colors included in the Public View?


I did exactly what you show in the video, and I get this error message:

Access denied.
clientRequestId: e2eed042-1f85-4982-a512-f36f4b2e0f35
serviceRequestId: 886d12a1-d025-5000-10e7-b4116e35d340


I have also posted in Power Automate forum: 

Re: color folders with files in them. - Power Platform Community (microsoft.com) 



You need Contribute/Edit permissions to change the color of folders in SharePoint.


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I work for an organization that does not allow me CLI. Also, the point of a power automate solution is that you can repeatedly perform the same task. Your CLI solution is a one-time create and color folder solution. I do appreciate that you point out the need for permissions in SharePoint Document Libraries. Do you know if I or my IT department can set up Document Library Permissions for an HTTP request?