Best way to link to a list view?

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Hello all,


I created a list with a number of filtered views. I'd like to have a URL for each of those views that I can share. I'd thought the URL listed in the "Web address of this view" field of the 'edit current view' screen would do that, but when I plug that URL in to my browser it just brings me to the non-filtered default view of that list. Is there a different way to go about having a URL to go directly to a filtered view of a list?



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When you create a view within the list, you can directly navigate to that view by including the .aspx URL. For example, when you create a view and give it a name, the URL of the list will be https://[domain][sites or teams]/[name of site]/Lists/[name of list]/[view name].aspx or https://[domain][name of list]/[view name].aspx (if home site).

Thanks. Yup that's what I was trying to do, but the .aspx url for the viewname brings me to the default view for the list, rather than the view specified in the url.
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Interesting. So, the new view you created automatically redirects to the Allitems.aspx (All items view) when updating the URL, from my last reply to your view name?

Another option to try is navigate to your list and select the view you want to gather the URL for. In the browser URL, it will contain an allitems.aspx?viewid=[ID NUMBER]. This allows the view to change to that specific view and bypass your allitems.aspx view.

Or... navigate to list settings and copy the URL of the view name and paste into notepad. You will see within the URL a VIEW=%7B7[view ID]%7D. This will be the view ID and you can update your URL to https://[domain][name of list]/allitems.aspx?viewid=[ID NUMBER]
Thanks for your reply. You're understanding the problem correctly. I'll give the viewID usage a try and see how that does