How do I display the ID using JSON formatting?

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I'd like to display the ID of the open item in the header using JSON formatting, is this possible?


I tried [$ID], but got an error that it doesn't exist.



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I've found a work around to my question. I created a calculated column that references [ID] which I can use in my JSON.
this has always been a pet peeve of mine that id is not exposed for use.

@dlprentice @emersonbruce Yes, it is a limitation of SharePoint list form JSON formatting.


You can read more information about it at: Can ID column be displayed when configuring a list form header using JSON? 


Creating a calculated column based on item ID (like =[ID]) and using it in list form JSON formatting by referring to internal name of SharePoint calculated column is a workaround which might work you for sometimes but it is not officially supported by the Microsoft:


You cannot reference the ID of a row for a newly inserted row. The ID does not yet exist when the calculation is performed.


SourceIntroduction to SharePoint formulas and functions 

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