SharePoint list form formatting with JSON

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Is there a way to display all the body (A) instead of clicking 'see more' and move the attachment (B) field on top of the form? I really want to avoid customizing it in Power Apps if possible as I can't figure out how to make form responsive even using containers.


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Is your Body column plain text or rich text column? 


Unfortunately, it is not possible to move attachments fields above and customize the list "form body" section (not your "Body" column) or rich text columns using SharePoint JSON formatting:


Unlike the header and the footer, body configuration only allows defining one or more sections and adding one or more columns into each of those sections.


Body configuration does not support advance JSON customizations like header/footer (or column/view formatting in list views).

SourceConfigure custom body with one or more sections - SharePoint JSON formatting 


So, you will have to customize the SharePoint list form by using Power Apps.

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