Creating a Doc Library Column in SharePoint Online to display the URL of a document

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I have a created a column in my SharePoint Online Document library called Document URL. My Name column currently displays the Name of the uploaded document, and when clicked, it will display the document in another browser. I would like to create a column that will simply display the URL/Hyperlink of the Name column.


I have created a column in the attempt to display the URL using JSON:

"elmType": "a",
"txtContent": "=''+[$FileRef]+'?web=1'",
"attributes": {
"target": "_Blank",
"href": "=[$FileRef]+'?web=1'"
But when I export the SharePoint Doc Library to excel, this column is Blank in Excel


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So, Design Json won't show up in Excel as it's just "makeup". What you need to do is a calculated column