Group By view error

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Good Day,


I have a customer with a Doc Library with a modern view Grouped By, the column, 'Invoice Number'.

There are 73k documents in the Library. The Grouped View all of a sudden gives an error :


If you changed Grouped By to 'None', then all the documents display.

Can anyone share some thoughts on why this is happening all of a sudden.


Appreciate any response.

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Hi Maggan,

The Invoice Number column is indexed already,
Yes, but try adding another index. I had the same issue a while ago and that solved my problem.
On the same column or on a new column ?

Does it work if you create a new view and group by some other column, for example, "Modified by"?


Is the view using any filters? If so, add the columns used in the filter to indexed columns.

No, Same errror after creating a new view and group by Created.
Is the view using any additional filters? If so, add the columns used in the filter to indexed columns.
All columns used in filter have been indexed...:-(
Okay. As a last resort, you could try to recreate the view and indexes and see if that helps.

Submit a ticket to Microsoft Support in case the problem persists. Don´t forget to pass in the Correlation ID.

I noted that the error message hints that there is a permission issue. I don´t think so because you wrote that the problem only occurs when a specific view is invoked. But you might want to make sure that other people also have this problem before you submit a ticket.
Thanks for your input Maggan, will do so.