Change the Look (modern) - options sporadically missing



This happened today. In a site joined to a hub, a site collection admin tried to activate the site navigation. Click on cog wheel icon > Change the look > only two options are showing, i.e. Theme and Header. Navigation and Footer are not showing in the list.


This happened on her screen during a screen sharing session. So I went into the same site on a totally different computer, not even the computer with the teams meeting. I also could not see the two options. 


Several refreshes, Shift-Refresh, navigate away, navigate back, nothing helped. 


I finally unlinked the site from the hub. The options then showed. I linked it back to the hub and the options are now showing.


Another site now shows the "Footer" option missing.


This seems to be happening randomly. What is going on? How can I troubleshoot this?










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Is there any solution to this? Our footer option, and more importantly our ACTUAL footer, have gone missing.

On the "Change the Look" menu, there is not option, like the screen shot above.
Did you ever figure this out? Today I lost Navigation and Footer.
I just figured a workaround.

Open the Change the Look menu. Right click -> inspect the "header" button. Over in the HTML inspector, select the <button> (not the span) and look for data-chrome-type="Theme". Change "Theme" to "Footer". The word "Theme" wont change, but now the button will load up the Footer menu when you click it.

When I did this, my footer changes saved. But when I did it for Navigation (change Theme to Nav) and changed things, they wouldn't save.

We spent a lot of time with MSFT support, it was quite complex (running all kinds of power scripts). At the end of the day they said Footer is only available for Communication Sites. I think we used to have a Footer and it went away, but there is no way to get it back. Like they used to not enforce this rule and then now they do. I was very frustrated but moved on.

The difference between Team and Communication sites is strange to me. I don't understand why some features are locked out Team Sites.
Footer functionality is available only for Communication sites. It stays on a Communication sites after connecting to a Hub. Footer is not available in Teams site to start with.