Excel Workbook Share in Teams Chats

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This may be a Sharepoint or PowerApps question, but I'm curious to know if there's a way to pull data from multiple workbooks I share in chat threads, and pull those data into one source, like another master workbook on SharePoint, or even a PowerApps app.


The scenarios is, I'm a college housing director and send each athletic coach a spreadsheet template for each program and have them fill in fields with their incoming student athlete so I can then assign them in the student information system.  I have five coaches, so I share five workbooks, and each one is basically the same.  I just hide and protect the fields/cells they don't use.


This means I'm navigating between five (actually more like ten, all things considered) as I manually assign everyone.  It would be nice to have one workbook in a central location, and somehow pull the workbook/tab/cell data into a central location.


As I"m typing this, it sounds like a PowerApps lift.  But I don't think I've even seen a connector to a specific file and table in a Teams chat, from within a PowerApps app.



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