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None of these pull up 'Conversations'.  Does anyone know what happened to the link to the group inbox?  I've tried searching for an issue - but email and conversations and microsoft only provided a billion results.  ;D


Any help is GREATLY appreciated!  Happy Tuesday.

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I seem to be seeing the same broken experience... gotta love being the beta tester for software you're paying for :) Interestingly enough, the Calendar link seems to work just fine, same for the People one.

@Nino Bilic might be able to share some info here, or poke the right people.

I'm just glad that I'm not going crazy. I swore it was working, then I get a call and they are rather upset stating it isn't going to their conversations. No... It was working. Then it wasn't.

Any one else having similar issues? Should this be reported or is it still, (as I'm hoping), user error? <fingers crossed>

@webmasterSANTEE This still seems to be an issue for me.

SharePoint Online's: <siteUrl>/_layouts/15/groupstatus.aspx?target=conversations
is linking to https://outlook.office365.com/mail/group/<site>/<group>
which causes too many redirects. In my case, Microsoft needs to make groupstatus.aspx point to https://outlook.office.com/mail/group/<site>/<group>/email.