TEAM with Project: Which license to use

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Currently, my team start creating Project in TEAM, may I know what license to use for those who are a task owner.  I see that MS revamps project license and I'm uncertain which on is correct for TEAM with project task owner.  I do manage PWA and those resouces need essential license to update their task.


All of us have access to TEAM but not everyone can access Project within TEAM (I don't know).  May I ask:


1) If a task owner of a Project in TEAM needs an essential license or

2) If a task owner of a Project in TEAM needs P1 license (I think they might need this one) or

3) No license needed, if you can access TEAM you can update your progress in TEAM project.


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Hi guys, I went ahead and purchased "Essential license" with the hope that a team member can update his task in TEAM. Unfortunately, he still sees his task as READ only. Anyone knows what license one needs to be able to edit task in TEAM Project. Thx

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N_Luu --

Your people need the Project Plan 1 license, not the Essentials license. The Essentials license is for team members using either Project Online or Microsoft Project Server. The Project Plan 1 license is specifically for people who are using Project for the Web. Hope this helps.
Thanks a lot. This makes me think the task owner in TEAM can do more to our project (update, deleted and the whole 9 yards) while we wanted them to just update task and go. I appreciate your response.