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I'm using MS Project Online combined with desktop version. In the desktop version, there is a field Status in task view. This is useful when needing to filter tasks by status. 

For my reporting, I'm using Power BI paginated report, feeding the data through the Power BI online service. I have been struggling to find the Status field in the tables that are imported from the Project Online into Power BI. Likewise, I have not been able to find the Status field in the MS Project Online views. I'm only able to find Status Manager and Status Flag. 

I this field in MS Project Online? I have noticed it exists and is reported on in Power Bi dashboards to Project Web.

Alternatively, if this field does not exist, how else do you filter tasks by their status?

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Hello @Peter_MSP ,

This Task Status field is not available in Project Online, it is a Project Desktop field. You could look to replicate the calculation / create a similar task status field calculation. Here are the details on how the default Task Status field is calculated: 



Thank you for your response. I suspected that this field is not there, but I hoped I just could not find it. I will look into your suggestion and how I can implement it either through Power BI DAX or within Enterprise Fields in MS Project Online.


I have followed your recommendation. If anyone else is looking for a solution, I was able to recreate the field calculation as per the conditions in your link. I did this in Power BI, as the local fields in PS Project Desktop don't connect to Power Bi dashboard.

@Peter_Eng Here is the DAX function I used 

Taskstate = if((TODAY() > Tasks[TaskDeliverableFinishDate] && Tasks[TaskPercentCompleted] <> 100),"Late",if(Tasks[TaskPercentCompleted]>99,"Completed", if(Tasks[TaskPercentCompleted]=0,"Not Started", "On Schedule")))

Could you help check this ? 

@Prasanna_Rathnaswami2330 thank you so much, this really helped. Mine was a little different but what you gave helped me in my resolve. Thank you

Task State = if((TODAY() > Tasks[Task Finish Date] && Tasks[Task Percent Completed] <> 100),"Late",if(Tasks[Task Percent Completed]>99,"Completed", if(Tasks[Task Percent Completed]=0,"Not Started", "On Schedule")))