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Hi all, 


Working with P4TW and the Powerbi Project Dashboard.


In the Dashboard, there is a field called Task KPI which has values 0 to 4. 

There is a corresponding Task Status field which is Completed, Late, Overdue, Future, On Track.

How are these derived and in particular, what is the difference between Late and Overdue.

Even looking at the tables in the back end, I am having some difficulty making the distinction.


Thanks in advance




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Hello @Dave_the_Automator ,

This is how it is calculated in the Power BI template:

  • Late Tasks = CALCULATE(COUNTA([Task ID]),FILTER('Project Tasks',[Task KPI]=3))
  • Overdue Tasks = CALCULATE(COUNTA([Task ID]),FILTER('Project Tasks',[Task KPI]=4))
  • Task KPI = if [msdyn_progress] = 1 then 0 else if [msdyn_scheduledstart] > DateTime.LocalNow() then 1 else if [msdyn_scheduledstart] < DateTime.LocalNow() and [msdyn_scheduledend] >= DateTime.LocalNow() and [msdyn_progress] > 0 then 2 else if [msdyn_scheduledstart] < DateTime.LocalNow() and [msdyn_scheduledend] >= DateTime.LocalNow() and [msdyn_progress] = 0 then 3 else if [msdyn_scheduledend] < DateTime.LocalNow() and [msdyn_progress] < 1 then 4 else 1

Hope that helps


@Paul Mather 


Thanks! Totally makes sense. I have read your blogs on this topic before. Super helpful.


While I have you, is there a way to add a custom column to a P4TW project and report on it in Powerbi? All my research says this is a categorical no.

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Hi @Dave_the_Automator ,

Custom columns you add via the P4TW UI, these are local to the project and can't be reported on. Custom columns added into the Dataverse tables can be included though - see an example here for adding a column to the project power app: 

Then a guide here on including custom columns in the Power BI Report pack: 


Of course, we can't add it to the task table (which is precisely what we want to do) as per the article :(