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Hi, I have inserted a new column to show 'Remaining Duration' of a number of tasks on a certain date. I have shown a very small sample of the Gantt Chart below, showing just one site. As you can see I only have one asset unfinished with a duration of 2 days, but the 'Overall Site' for some reason shows 8.83 days. Can anyone explain this to me, and how to make it display correctly? Thank you.




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DawkiT --

The Asset 5 task contains a task split (the ... section in the Gantt bar). The split is pushing the remaining 2 days of the task's Gantt bar out into the future, which is why you see a Duration of 8.83 days for the Overall Site summary task. Hope this helps.
Hi Dale, Thank you for your reply, however the split is intentional as we have to come away from the site for a while, but the remaining duration on site is still 2 days although not continuous. Regardless I cannot see where 8.83 days comes from.