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Hi all!,


I'm having an issue on PWA... in "MyTasks" the completion is 100%, but it still show behind schedule. Could someone help me with this?, someone has an idea what's wrong?, thanks

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Maria --

Not sure what you are seeing. Could you capture a screenshot of the Tasks page and then post it in a reply? That way we might be able to troubleshoot and resolve your problem. Let us know. Thanks!

@Dale Howard 


Hi Dale, here it goes!, thanks...



Maria --

Thanks for sharing the screenshot of the Tasks page. I see two custom columns in that page, which are the % Expected field and the Task Status field. I would surmise that one or both of those columns contain a formula that calculates a value. I think you will need to reach out to whomever created those two custom fields and consult with them. Ultimately, there is nothing I can do to help you wish this issue. Sorry, but hope this helps.