Using Microsoft Project for the Web Built in Power Apps. New Project not adding Calendar id.

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Hopefully my post is in the correct category. Tried posting this to Power Apps. 


I am using Project for the Web


I am using the Microsoft Project Power Apps Model Driven App and have customized it out extensively for my companies use.


However I have seem to run into a bug when adding projects. I have already added 257 projects no issue. However now when adding new projects it will say "Calendar Id: Required fields must be filled in." and I know how to unlock it to it's not read only however in the past new projects would auto populate this information. Even when unlocked it doesn't auto populate. Please Note: This field was previously hidden in the form view until I started receiving the error when trying to save new projects.



Also previously these fields on the form were hidden and I had never had to input this information before but I unhid them because I was also having an issue with the "hours per day" not being filled out. Again this hadn't been an issue before.



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@Matt_DeCecco - Verify your default Work Hour Template is still set and the template is not corrupted.  We actually unlocked the Calendar template filed to allow PMs to assign different calendar and we added the Schedule Mode field, above the Calendar template field, to allow them to tailor the mode to the project.

  1. Project Accelerator is opened.
  2. Click Projects in the bottom left corner of the page then select Settings
  3. Under General, select Parameters
  4. Select the Default Organization Unit (there should only be one) then click Edit at the top of page.
  5. On the Parameters page, set/review your Work Hour Template