MS Project and Roadmap - share with multiple groups?

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I have created multiple projects which my team (Group) are managing and I can assign tasks to them.
I have created a roadmap linked to the same group which pulls them together and think this works well but I'd like a wider group of people to view the roadmap at a strategic level - I can't see anyway of sharing the roadmap without adding people to the M365 Group (which I don't want to do)

This seems a huge limitation as a roadmap by it's nature is less detailed and the audience is often different

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Hello @SarahTurner ,

Unfortunately the users who need access to the Roadmap will need access to the connect M365 Group.


hmm.... that feels like a poor design - any other version of MS Project (and there are many flavours!) you can share the project with whoever you like - this is just going to end up meaning we have to create another 365 group just for disparate people to view a roadmap. Thanks anyway
Sarah --

As you now know, Project for the Web is a simple project management tool and the Roadmap app is a simple reporting tool. If you want a project management tool that is more sophisticated, especially in the areas of project management capabilities and reporting, you might want to consider using the Microsoft Project Professional desktop application with the Project Online application, and using Power BI for enterprise reporting. Just a thought. Hope this helps.