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I'm trying to evaluate Project Online, and as part of that process I was hoping to view a demo. The Twitter account for Project sent me to (as did O365 support), but the login page just loops back onto itself if I try to sign in using my corporate sign-in (O365 support also had this happen to them when they tried.)

The official twitter account sent me here, so here I am!


A related issue is that after signing up for the Project trial (which gives 25 licenses of Project Online Pro), after assigning the license to myself and a couple of project leads, only I can access the "Online" portion of Project- the other users can only download the desktop software.

The error they get is this:

 project online error.png

I can access it ok, but I'm the global admin. Any quick pointers on getting this fixed, or should I just contact O365 support?

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Did you follow the steps listed in the "First steps" support article:

The article lists on how to get started with Project Online.

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